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Bishwokarma Puja being celebrated today

FILE-People worship their vehicles on the occasion of Bishwokarma Pooja, a Hindu festival on Saturday, September 17, 2016. Photo: RSS

NT: Nepal: Bishwokarma Puja, a Hindu festival that falls on the first day of the month of Ashwin as per solar calendar, is being observed across Nepal on Sunday.

According to the Hindu mythologies, Bishwokarma is a divine architect who designed palaces, flying chariots and weapons of the gods and goddesses. He is viewed as the official specialist and designer of the Gods.

It is believed that he built the city of Dwarka in Dwapar yuga to protect Lord Krishna from the clutches of Kansa.

The day is fundamentally seen by craftsmans, skilled workers and craftswomen, mechanics, smiths, welders, modern laborers and assembly line laborers longing for safe working conditions and success in their respective fields.

On the occasion, people change red and white clothes to their vehicles and decorate them with festoons.

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