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Baglung Kalika Temple: Place to Get Siddhi (Knowledge)


Baglung- The temple of Baglung Kalika Bhagawati is one of the famous temples in Nepal. Also known as Kalika Bhagawati temple, it is one of the most religiously significant places located on Baglung District, western part of Nepal. It is constructed in deep inside the dense forest just above the northern side ofKali Gandaki.

According to Hindu Religion, Kali is one of the most powerful and dangerous form of the goddess Durga and is often associated with the power, Shakti. Goddess Kali is consideredKali, consort of Lord Shiva which also means time or death as Lord Shiva is often considered as ‘Kala‘, the eternal time. She is the prime goddess of the Dasa Mahavidyas, ten fierce goddesses of Tantra or the Tantric goddesses.

The temple of Baglung Kali was built by Pratap Narayan and was renovated in late1990s. There are various other small temples like that of Lord Shiva, Radha Krishna, Laxmi Narayan, etc. inside the Baglung Bhagwati temple compound.

Every year, thousands of religious pilgrims from all over the world come to visit the temple. Not only the Hindu devotees, all kind people are reaching there from all over the world come to the temple to get Siddhi (knowledge) on their field of interest. Also, people conduct their marriage inside the temple with a belief that their married life will be blessed with every kind of happiness.

Mostly During the festival of Navaratri/Nauratha, the temple is crowded with devotees coming from every corner of Nepal to celebrate the festival there. People also come here to perform puja to get victory over their enemies, win legal suits, win the heart of their beloved and protection from black magic.

It is said that the goddess fulfills the wishes of the devotees if they could please her. She is also known as Bhavatarini literally meaning ‘rescuer of the universe

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