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Aviation Museum Untold Story

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The Turkish airlines 330-300 suffered a runway excursion on March 2015 during that period engineer Ganesh Bahadur Sahi answered his team will face many difficulties to pull up well from ground further he told about lacking the technical methodology and over the rules and law make his team abstract without support ” lack of technical team from the maintenance crew force to stopped the work they balm Ganesh team for further diminished ” lacking NAC and TIA disappointing nowadays they do not any idea about the crash or if grounded in TIA .

Aviation Museum Untold Story

“Lacking time to build up that team member further purpose and make an upcoming generation as this possible when they will to be that so museum opened for public civil”. D. of TIA Baburam Poudal also told about cast minimized process of government but the government only forcing to full fill the project they do not try to help to build and not providing fundamental sufficient for nice another rules.

Dipak Bista a senior taekwondo champion as an ambassador going to motivate to build skill manpower from the early strategy school like when they catch the museum. They full to be that crew member try to dream about airbus Bed Upreti also faced difficult from the legalization process during location lace rules and finally “we fill lucky we have the museum now. The museum opened from today and press meet organized cargo bags part of air place documentary also publish at pilot cabin others historical information selection on a passenger area. Museum-going to held museum international aviation group of Asia pallgfie Bangkok that certificate and role of Nepal help to representation Nepal aviation and can make equal rules on Asia.


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After a soft launch for students the aviation museum in Kathmandu will open to the public from 28 November. Some 50,000 students from grades 8-12 have already visiting the museum in the last three weeks and the restored airbus 330-300 has got enthusiastic response. The airbus 330-300suffered a runway excursion event in march 2015 and was dismantled and reassembled in Sinamangal as a joint project between the Bed Upreti trust and the civil aviation authority of Nepal (CAAN)at a cost of rs.70 million. The museum contains displays and miniatures of aircraft and information about the history of aviation in the cabin of the wide body aircraft.

The museum employs 25 staff and the guides wear flight attendant uniforms. Grade 9-12 students from all over Nepal can enter the museum for if they have a latter endorsing the visit from their schools with their school IDS. One teacher accompanying 15 students of any grades will also have free entry. All students with IDS get 50%on ticket for a few months the entry fee is discounted. For normal entry is Rs.250(including SAARC countries citizens) Student with ID Rs.125 Differently baled visitor Rs.125 CAAN staff and airline crew (pilots and flight attendants ) have free entry. Opening time everyday 10 to 5

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