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5 Tips to Prevent from COVID-19

5 Tips to Prevent from COVID-19
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5 Tips to Prevent from COVID-19
5 Tips to Prevent from COVID-19

Kathmandu – At present, the CORONA VIRUS has been effectively controlled in China. Experts expect that it will be wiped out completely in April, then everyone’s life will return to normal in April.
In China, All producing is normal now, Roads are opening, only kids school need waiting a few more days.

One of the China citizens wrote his prevention idea for the world pandemic Corona Virus (COVID-19) as their experience
We, China has experienced it, Therefore, I would like to share some Chinese experience of preventing the CORONA VIRUS
to my friends.

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Keep a Healthy Home for a Healthy Body

1) Wear face-mask
This is the most effective way at present. Be sure to wear it during work or when you are out. If there is no one around, you can take off the mask for a short time. The mask of N95 or the same standard face-mask is the most effective,
but it is too expensive and not easy to buy. Even In China, N95 is almost only provided to doctors in the most serious areas
(Wuhan City, Hubei Province). Generally, the N95 mask can be worn for at least 3 days. After wearing it every day, it can be hung up and ventilated. Continue to wear it the next day. All Doctors in most normal hospitals wear common surgical masks, so all people must at least wear common medical-surgical masks. Generally, common surgical masks can be worn for at least 1 day. ( The normal cotton masks are useless )

2) Try not to attend parties, and try to stay at home
Try not to participate in various forms of parties. In the case of a large number of people, people are more likely to be infected with viruses in the parties. Try to stay at home. If you want to go out for shopping,I suggest that adult men go shopping. because the elderly and children are most likely to be infected, especially with respiratory diseases, the elderly with lung disease should be careful to prevent it.

3) Wash hands and face frequently
Every time before you enter the house, you must wash your hands and face with sterilized soap.
If you don’t wash your hands, try not to rub your eyes, try not to touch your family, especially the old men, women, and children.

4) Don’t wear shoes to enter the house
Shoes may carry the CORONA VIRUS, so do not wear shoes to enter the house

5)75° Alcohol(only 75° Alcohol works)
75° Alcohol will be helpful to get rid of the coronavirus from your hand, your cellphone, your keys and so on.
There is no need to use 75° Alcohol to clean your clothes, you could just hang it under the wind, which is enough to kill the coronavirus


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