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1st National Philanthropy and Fundraising Conference in Nepal

Nepalayatimes/1st National Philanthropy and Fundraising Conference in Nepal

Kathmandu- First National Philanthropy and Fundraising Conference in Nepal to be organized in Nepal by Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development (NCPD). This two days conference going held in 27-28Feb. 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal.

1st National Philanthropy and Fundraising Conference in Nepal

In talking with Nepalayatimes, CEO of the Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development (NCPD), Rewati Raman Dhakal said that this program is for contributed to make the philanthropy of Nepal more resourceful, impactful and sustainable. He added, The main strategies and aim to meet through this conference are enhancing the capacity and building competency thereby to fetch the resources, forging an alliance between key civil society actors of Nepal and other countries in the mutual learning and experience sharing for future cooperation, creating asynergy by connecting the grass-roots CSO actors with others from similar fields, commitment towards the accountability culture by gaining confidence.

 In this program majorly talk in these topics:

  • The fundraising trend in the Asia and opportunities for Nepalese CSOs.
  • The effective nonprofit management and the fundraising strategy.
  • The priorities, prerequisites of the international foundations and ideas and tools to fetch resources.
  • Current opportunities and challenges with institutional development cooperation agencies & tips for writing an effective grant proposal.  
  • Art of the effective donor communication,persuasion and negotiation skills.
  • Best practices and challenges of localresource mobilization
  • Transparency, accountability  for branding and sustainability of CSOs

Key Speaker of Conference: 

Prof. Dr Bhagwan Koirala, ManmohanCardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center, Nepal, Prof. Bekay Ahn, (Ph.D),President of International Council of Non Profit Management, South Korea, Mr.Jeroninio Almeida, Former CEO of Action Aid India and InternationalConfederation of NGOs, India, Ms Reem Abudulhamed, Lead Private SectorPhilanthropy  for Middle East and NorthAfrica and Asia, UNHCR, SaudiArabia, Dr. Shibesh Chandra Regmi, Country Director, Ipas, Nepal, Mr GovindaNeupane, Country Director, IM Swedish Development Partners, Nepal

Dhakal led organization Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development (NCPD) is a consulting entity that promotes the culture of philanthropy in Nepal as well as works towards creating high impact and integrity among the recipients enhancing the talent, trust, and treasure of philanthropic and civil society organizations of Nepal. NCPD is a trusted ambassador, partner and member of various global organizations including but not limited to Resource Alliance, UK, Asia Philanthropy Award, Korea, Korean society of Philanthropy, an international council of non-profit management, Alliance for Good, Singapore. Participating member certified fundraising executive (CFRE).

Who is Rewati Raman Dhakal

Firstly Rewati Raman Dhakal is a Founder & CEO (Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development). And more currently, he is serving as a Vice Chair of the judging committee of the Asia Philanthropy Award 2019. He is also a counter representative for Nepal and India for the Philanthropy OnlineNewspaper the www.mangopost.org which highlights the philanthropy and fundraising issues of Asia.

Rewati has worked as a regional coordinator for a Singapore based fundraising company the Alliance for Good and enhanced the technical capacity of around 17 CSOs to raise fund operating in around 9 different countries in belt and road region.

He provides training, coaching and mentoring to CSOs for branding, networking, friend rising, fundraising strategy plan development, and grant writing. He has also been a Country Ambassador for Resource Alliance UK and also is a US Department of State’s international visitor leadership program alumni. Dhaka has also successfully completed the certified campaign manager (CCM) in fundraising from the International Council of Non-Profit Management in SouthKorea and in course of receiving certification.

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