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14 Years Boy climb Mountain for Save The Earth

Dipak Parajuli/Nepalayatimes 13 years Boy in Mountain Save Earth

Kathmandu – Thirteen years boy Sonam Sherpa is to be climbing a mountain of seven continents with his father to give a message of Save Earth from global warming. Sonam is helping to clean the mountain campaign of his father P K Sherpa, who leads an innovative organization Global Concern Center for Climate Change.

13 years Boy climb Mountain for Save The Earth 2
13 years Boy Sonam Sherpa climb Mountain for Save The Earth 2

Recently Sherpa father and son have decided to climb the highest mountain of seven continents to disperse message, extend an age of the earth, decrease the effect of climate change, and save snow, ecology, and environment. These Mountains are Mount Everest (8848 Meters) of Asia, Mount Aconcagua (6,962 Meters) of South America, Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 Meters) of Africa, Mount Elbrus (5,642) of Europe, Denali (6,194 Meters), of North America, Vinson Massif (4892 Meters) of Antarctica and Mount Kosciuszko (2,130 Meters) of Australia.

They have estimated the total cost to achieve their feat will be 29.3 Million, but up to now nobody has funded for them.

In a talk with Nepalayatimes, P K Sherpa said that, Due to developed countries’ Industrialization, developing countries like we are facing unwanted effect of global warming, like decrease of snow from our smiling mountains and increased levels of water. He added if this process should not minimize, we will become smile less very soon.

13 years Boy climb Mountain for Save The Earth

Sherpa said “During my two-decade mountaineering experience I have observed the changes in mountains, especially; the mountains are turning darker than they were before. Many black rocks have appeared in place of smooth white snow” said Sherpa. He added that “From my mountaineering experience, I know the effects of climate change and pollution on the mountain. The effect of climate change has directly affected mountain life”
This our campaign to deliver the message to protect mountain cleaning up campaign throughout the world and make people aware regarding the effects of climate change, conduct the green campaign in the mountains, save mountain lives saving snow, make pollution (garbage) free mountains introduce Nepal.

PK Sherpa, a resident of Taplejung District, Mauwakhola Rural Municipality, Ward No. 04 is a campaigner of saving the earth, who believe of three principles; sympathy, love, and devotion. Sherpa has engaged in cleaning mountain in Nepal and collecting the garbage, used materials and utensil and even dead bodies and manages them properly for the last two decades.

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