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1000 Youth Saved From Fraud Visa Process

1000 Youth Saved From Fraud Visa Process
– Manoj Parajuli/Nepalayatimes team

1000 Youth Save From Fraud Visa Process
1000 Youth Save From Fraud Visa Process, Photo Sajhasabal

Kathmandu – The Department of Foreign Employment has raid an affair with the employer, who is taking an interview with the workers. The department has stopped the interview had taken an excuse to bring Saudi to Anupam Foodland, Bitsasputali by raid while taking an interview with more than a thousand workers.
Without any authorized certification, manpower had been taking an interview for a temporary visa to work in the duration of Hajj. The department had stooped the interview with the help of Nepal police.

On the basis of the information more than a thousand employees were being sent for over three, the department along with media personnel had reached and inquired the necessary documents. But Manpower businessmen showed old file of 2017. After that fault, the department has been claimed that the work is illegal.

History of this incident:

Mita International Pvt. Ltd. (530/061/62) seems to be accepted from the Department interviewing 53 people for the Saudi Ground Service but workers who have interviewed for some work, not according to that. The agent has brought me to the interview for work for 2 months, Khem Bahadur Kunwar of Kapilvastu said that there would be a facility of food/accommodation including Rs. 15,000 in ’40 thousand costs.


Fazal International Pvt. Ltd (7099/064/65), Al Hayat Management Pvt. Ltd. (336/059/60) and Mita International were interviewing all three companies together. In this interview employees of the Saudi embassy named Muhammad Al-Khuzuri and Saddam, Ali Mu have also been involved in the interview. When the department reached, they claimed themselves consular of the Saudi Embassy and stopped photographing too. Saudi embassy car has parked in the interview spot.

After the department addressed the letter to manpower founder to present with additional documents and stop the further process. 11 hundred workers gathered through the agent. More Details

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