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Chapakot Homestay Promote Tourism and Economic Growth of Local

Nepalayatimes/Chapkot Homestay Promote Tourism and Economic Growth of Local
Kaski – At this time, efforts are being made for village development. Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolis Ward No. 23, Chapakot has started efforts towards tourism promotion and economic growth through Homestay. On the 12 house of Brahmin community, the home-based program has begun in Okhaldhunga, Ghaderi of Chapakot.

Chapakot Homestay Promote Tourism and Economic Growth of Local

The community has begun to promote its own way. The Aama Samuha ‘group of Mother’ has made Nepali traditional songs ‘Sarara Pipaluko pat Farara’ to welcome the tourists. The song in which the local surroundings, development skim of the village. In the sweet lyrics, the tourists have been entertained while local present the song.

Recently 24 students studying Engineering at various universities in New Zealand have reached that place for field research. Chapakot Community Homestay is suitable for organic farming, clean water, beautiful natural scenery, Chapakot Tourism Development Committee President Bhim Parajuli said.

If the road is easy, we can be reached in 45 minutes from Pokhara, Panchase, Machhapuchchhre, Dhaulagiri Himalayan Series; Pokhara Bazaar can be seen from that place. The locals have welcomed the guest by offering maize and Mahi (grinded curd). Chapakot Community Homestay Chairman, Bishworaj Parajuli, said that the use of local produce for food will be used.

The community has also developed a host of entertainment and welcoming style in front of Panchebaja (Nepali traditional music instrument), Bhajan (Folk song) and Rathuli songs. They believed that it to be a development of local culture.

News translated from Suvanews, Pokhara

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