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5 Popular Sex Tourism Destinations in the World

5 Popular Sex Tourism Destinations in the World
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5 Popular Sex Tourism Destinations in the World
5 Popular Sex Tourism Destinations in the World

Sex tourism has become an international phenomenon. Although most of the countries forbid prostitution or any other forms of commercial sex, they are perfectly legal in many countries as long as the participants are consenting adults. If you are looking to travel for the purpose of engaging in sex, be sure to check out these 7 best places for sex tourism.

  1. Thailand: When it comes to sex tourism, this Asian country is often the first place people think of. There is an abundance of scantily dressed ladies dancing on stage who could offer private shows for an extra fee in back rooms, these which sometimes end up being an intimate sexual act in exchange for a decent price. Bar-girls are a lot safer than “freelance” sex workers, as they are accountable to their place of employment and are less likely to steal from you.
  2. Colombia: Colombia is not only world famous for the notorious drug activity but it has also become a hotspot for sex tourism. It is believed that most of the sex workers are willing to lower their cost if the customer has a handsome personality, which can be the fact that this country has a standard sex commercial enterprise.
  3. Philippines: Although the Philippines is uptight and unlawful for sex business, there is the impressive number of bars and brothels that are oriented to provide a good service especially through “bar-girls” who are regularly tested for HIV and other STDs. There are over 500 bars and discos offer a variety of entertainment preferences to suit tourists that come from all over the globe; an astounding 40-60% of tourists visit the country.
  4. The Netherlands: World famous for being one of the most internationally liberal and stigma-free cities, the sex work is legalized, common, and regulated, having as much as over 100 licensed brothels in Amsterdam. Also, De Wallen is seemingly the foremost visited Red light district within the world. Also prevalent are a large number of sex shops, sex theaters, peep shows, and marijuana shops. Even though sex is relatively expensive compared to Thailand or Brazil, it does not stop the patrons from coming.
  5. The Czech Republic. Prostitution is widespread in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Brothels are not legalized but there are almost as much as 10,000 individual prostitutes working in the city’s sex industry. Prostitutes can be easily traced in the local classified newspapers.

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Brazil has been well-liked for sexual rendezvous by travelers thanks to its exotic lifestyle, the bafflingly dramatic landscape, the bursting-at-the-seams music scene immaculate beaches, and exuberant Carnival festivals. Prostitution is officially prohibited, but there are bath-houses and clubs of help there you will be provided with sex service, as they as operate as brothels.


It sounds a little surprising that Kenya is in the list but the fact is that young girls as young as 12 are involved in sex business to earn their livelihood as this country is one of the most poverty-stricken countries in the world and over a million of individuals are HIV victims. The sex enterprise seems to be on a pointy rise nonetheless.


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